Service & Counselling

Independent advice in searching for a suitable property

Due to many years of activity as consultants for property acquisition, we have a beneficial network of contacts in the sector. This network provides our customers with access to a wide range of properties from developers with whom we have been able to gather positive experiences. In purchasing property, trust is a decisive criterion, to which we attach a particularly high value. For this reason, the aspect of independent counselling, in which your specific interests alone are taken into account, is also of great importance. As experienced property specialists, we will illustrate what advantages and weaknesses individual properties can offer you. Please contact us if you would like an analysis of your personal situation and wish to acquire a correspondingly suitable property.

Calculation of the cost effectiveness of properties

The cost effectiveness of a property is an important prerequisite for being able to use it as a capital investment. We will employ our sound specialist knowledge to prepare profitability analyses which take all influencing factors into account. Amongst other things these will include possible opportunities for tax optimisation, regular expenditure and the calculation of overall costs. In addition, we take the individual circumstances of our customers into account in preparing our calculations so that our counselling is precisely tailor made to the personal expectations of our customers.

Property viewings

A purchase should never be made without a prior viewing. We take this principle very seriously and therefore guarantee that a well organised viewing of the property with all participants can take place. Not until a property fulfills our strict demands on a location assessment and we have been able to gain our own impression will it be included in our range of properties for sale. Our customers tell us their desired viewing dates so that we can carry out a joint viewing as soon as possible. In addition, it is also possible to view reference properties in order to convince yourself of the developer’s quality with your own eyes. During the course of the viewing we will also take the time to explain the quality of the micro and macro location which influences the value of the property.

Sound financial counselling

The correct composition of financing elements lays the foundation for ensuring that the property will become a financial investment providing a high rate of return. Should you require assistance in preparing a financial plan and would like to find a good loan offer, we shall provide you with comprehensive advice in all matters. Based on your information we shall prepare several financing options which we can compare jointly and we will explain the various possibilities to you in detail. We also obtain quotations on behalf of our clients. This allows our customers to benefit from advantageous terms which we receive from financing partners due to our reliable business relationships. We also verify whether subsidised loans and subsidies for the payment of your project are available so that the financing can be structured as optimally as possible.

After-sales services

You can continue to depend on our support even after signing your purchase contract. After purchasing, many questions may arise, for which we would be happy to provide you with answers. We also consider the solving of problems to be a part of our service because only the satisfaction of both parties can result in a sustainable business relationship.
Professional property and tenant administration
The purchase of a property should not require an additional investment of time on your part. We will therefore ensure that a property management company is appointed to carry out the rental management. A professional property management company will ensure that the sustainability of the property’s value is assured and that all tasks arising will be carried out professionally.

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